Our workplace strategists, specialists, project managers, and operational team combine into one highly skilled, efficient office design team at CRI. Equipped to manage and execute your project from design idea to finished functional use, we are the office furniture company San Francisco Bay Area businesses trust to create and deliver their ideal work environment.

Workplace Strategy

Workplace interiors have evolved over the years. From the “Era of Industry” when the closed office and typing pools were the norm, to the “Era of Information” when electrical and data passed through a maze of cubicles allowing for desktop connections. Today, we are in the midst of the Era of Culture—a time where multi-generations are working together, individual mobile devices are increasing productivity, and businesses are looking for their own individual and differentiated brand. CRI’s Workplace Strategy resources help designers create a workplace that fosters connection, productivity, and that truly unique culture: an office and business that thrives. Our consultants seek solutions for our customers’ diverse interior landscape in a way that feels unique to your company culture and needs.

Application Specialists

Not everyone has the skills, acumen, or passion to be a specialist. But at CRI, we just happen to seek out the special ones. Our team of highly astute technical designers, application, and ancillary specialists offer a wide array of talents. We act as a personal shopper to research products that fit the designer’s intent and budget. In other words, you supply the purpose and we’ll provide the solution. We understand the modes of work and the importance of marrying them with the right kind of settings so that your space gets the unique attention it deserves.

Our Designers
  • Develop block plans/space plans
  • Lay out data/electrical as it pertains to furniture
  • Create working drawings for specifications and installations
  • Utilize AutoCAD, Sketch-Up, Z-Axis to create 3D images/renderings
Our Application Specialists
  • Create options appropriate to your varied modes of work
  • Suggest ideas to create a “living office” that supports numerous work styles
  • Knowledgeable in all the latest workspace trends
Our Ancillary Product Specialists
  • Provide personal shopping services as needed
  • Knowledgeable in all the latest trends of ancillary furniture
  • Source amazing furniture solutions within budget, style, and lead-time
  • Have access to thousands of vendors


A good partnership is one part listening, two parts action. And that’s how we look at marketing. No fuzzy business jargon, no meetings about “target demographics.” We treat it as a partnership that helps deliver relevant services and information that architects, designers, and clients actually use. Then we adopt and adapt to make sure the only cutting edge we’re on is doing amazing work and being a great friend.


You want your project to be completed on time and on budget. We’ve got that covered. And at CRI, our Project Managers take it a step further. They lead a fully aligned internal team, dictating project execution and deliverables at every level, and aim to deliver professional, personal value along the way. They are committed to delivering a positive experience throughout the project and believe that a successful furniture installation is the result of thoughtful planning and technical precision. To ensure this, we include a secondary level of project management in the field to oversee all aspects of your installation.

Our Project Managers:
  • Establish overall project scope and manage dealer/manufacturer team to ensure coordinated effort.
  • Direct, coordinate, and manage task assignments and completion for the entire dealer team.
  • Develop working plan, schedule, and logistics based on overall project parameters, project schedule and scope, and customer’s goals.
  • Review project site, plans, and product specifications.
  • Assist in establishing fees, developing quotes/presentations.
  • Provide technical consultation to customer and customer’s team.
  • Provide single point of contact for, and coordinates with, client and all third-party firms (A&D firm, contractor, cabling vendor, building manager, electrician and other trades, facility and IT groups, movers, etc.).


Beautiful spaces don’t happen with just a beautiful idea. There are a lot more moving parts—from order placement, ship dates, order tracking, status reports, and repair requests—everything must come together like a moveable symphony. That’s where our operations team comes in. With a slightly obsessive eye for detail and an innate love for seeing an office design job done right, our operations team realizes that every order and every project must be custom managed. Operations play an integral part to the success of your project. Sure, this team may work behind the scenes, but that’s why they’re technically our magic makers: They get it all done and they make it look easy.


There is a debate about whether leadership should be concentrated in one person or distributed among members of a team. At CRI, there is no debate. In keeping with our culture and philosophy on projects, we manage as a collaborative team. Our mission is to be accountable and responsible to our employees; providing continuity and momentum to achieve everyone’s collective goals. Each member of the team brings with them their own area of expertise, insight, and dedication. We jointly recognize our purpose, thrive on a passion for our work, and—just as importantly—truly value our people!

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