Piston Cloud Computing

San Francisco

We were excited to have the chance to work with Piston Cloud. They were clear with the direction they were taking with their office and culture, and together we formed a cohesive space that incorporated spacious shared spaces and cozy private nooks.

Juli Ritchie

Project Principal

Inside the downtown offices of Piston Cloud Computing. People gather around a sunlit desk on a beautiful sunny afternoon in San Francisco.

When Piston Cloud Computing made the upgrade to their new 4,000-square-foot home near Union Square, they wisely opted for an open plan to foster its culture of creative collaboration. 

Another difference is the lack of a formal conference room. This was eliminated in favor of a large, comfortable lounge area. At any time of day, engineers, salespeople, marketers, or other members of Piston’s 50-person team can be found using that space for informal meetings or just to socialize. 

Piston Cloud employees are hard at work in a beautiful sunlit office. I-Beam's are painted red to accent the office with color, and plants are placed around the corners to liven up the place a little.

"When we moved here it was a huge breath of fresh air... With the space being so open, people are now more willing to come talk to each other without feeling like they were encroaching on each other’s territory." 

Christopher MacGown, Piston co-founder and Chief Technical Officer

Two coworkers sit at a conference table discussing business.