Our Team

We believe in a few fundamental things: hiring the best people, perfecting the basics, and not taking ourselves too seriously. Ever. And while a demanding industry and discerning clients require precision, professionalism, and efficiency, nobody ever said we couldn’t have a little fun in the process. Loyal to each other, loyal to our clients, we measure success in relationships, and we absolutely love what we do. We see the design community and our office family as one and the same: a great group that we are more than proud to be a part of.

Workplace Strategy

Tom DiRenzo

A&D Manager

Shea Enger

Ancillary Coordinator

Joe Grace

Project Principal

Nic Hunter

Sales Coordinator

Anne Luna

Project Principal

Janet McNamara

Vice President, Account Manager

Virginia Nonaca

Senior Ancillary Specialist

Andrew Parker

Project Principal

Juli Ritchie

Project Principal

Project Managers

Jennifer Birch

Project Manager

Roxanne Brewer

Project Manager

Natalia Castro

Project Manager

Monica Denman

Project Manager/Designer

Marsha Engle

Project Manager / Designer

Gillian Gale

Associate Project Manager

Philippe Hill

Manager, Project Management

Zoe Maarse

Project Manager

Lucy Rodriguez

Project Manager

Elaine So

Project Manager

Shinichi Suzuki

Project Manager

Noel Twist

Project Manager

Diane Wu

Project Manager/Designer

Irmak Yigit

Project Manager


Monica Atmadja

Senior Designer

Vivian Chin


Dan Christensen

Senior Designer

Melanie Foltz


Signe Galvez-Samreuang


Jacqueline Palmer

Manager, Design Services


Ryan Buggelli


Holly Hayward


Michael Long


Lindsay Moore


Laura Thorsson


Project Coordinators

Robert Christensen

Project Coordinator

Erin Duff

Project Coordinator

Cameron Huson-Thompson

Project Coordinator

Corinna Luta

Project Coordinator

Field Project Managers

Nicholas Anderson

Field Project Manager

Sheldon Blair

Field Project Manager

Dylan Condit

Manager, Field Operations


Bill Watson


Jaimee Arent

Vice President

Kristen McKenzie

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Veronica Ratcliff

Human Resources

Jennifer Wong

Chief Financial Officer


If you’re navigating the ins and outs of choosing from a seemingly endless array of products while maintaining design, budget, and deadline, you don’t just need a dealership—you need a partner.

Being a partner in design has guided everything we’ve done since we set out in 1986. The Bay Area was the birthplace of corporate interior design, and we’ve seen some of the most innovative and forward thinking interiors happen here since then. In the process, we’ve built a culture designed to support that innovation from the ground up.

It means hiring people who appreciate and understand the power of beautiful and functional interiors and then building a process that makes building those interiors simple and efficient. Most importantly, it takes a deep understanding of the design process and an ability to take a great vision and turn it into a beautiful space.